The quarterly ‘New Pediatrics’ is recognized among manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceuticals. The advertisers place ads and information about the products offered in the journal, which are most often used for didactic and advertising purposes. Due to the scientific character of the journal, the number of contacts and duration of the campaign is prolonged, as a significant portion of the audience archives the issues and returns to them many times.

Advertisement in the printed version

– press advertising (1st cover, 2nd cover, 3rd cover, 4th cover, split cover, 1 column)

– inserts

– flyleafs

– sponsored articles

– reprints

Advertisement on the website

– ‘Czytelnia Medyczna’ – medical library – an online collection of several thousands of specialist articles from our medical journals –

  • Billboard (750 x 100)
  • Skyscraper (120 x 600)
  • Wide skyscraper (160 x 600)
  • Sponsoring of electronic issue of 1 medical journal (company logo and a link)

– ‘Telegram’ newsletter – a medical newsletter reaching 30,000 recipients.

The newsletter includes information about updates in ‘Czytelnia Medyczna’, publishing novelties, and medical events, i.e. conferences, congresses, symposia and courses.

We offer a short information about your product with or without a figure (the preparation method is to be discussed).

Once a week, we also send a special edition of the newsletter for a single advertiser.



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